Getting Organized / Checklist


Getting Organized / Checklist


Check if your passport and visa are within the validation date
Check if there is a need to obtain documents related to new housing, work, vehicles, and firearm license
Check which vaccines are required
Check travel documents and tickets
Organize your personal documents, e.g. birth and marriage certificates, medical and school records, etc
Communicate with your lawyer, bank, dentist, insurance company, condominium, etc
Cancel club memberships and magazine subscriptions
Update the evaluation of your assets for insurance purposes
Notify school
Clean your loft, attic, garage, etc

Prepare a list of insurance for your belongings
Set apart the items you are not taking with you, labeling them as “DO NOT TAKE”
Provide a pre-moving contact number and/or address before you leave the country
Provide a telephone number and address in the country of destination
Check all pending credit contracts
Use up as much food and beverage as possible. Perishable food should not be transported
Confirm the date for the moving packing

Reorganize the receipt of correspondence
Clean any gardening tools, bicycles, and check if curtains and carpets have to be cleaned before transportation
Organize the care of children and pets during packing period. Preferably, have them spend the day with a friend or family member on packing day
Return or retrieve borrowed items
Discard plants and perishables
Confirm the moving day with your building’s doorman/landlord and reserve the elevator

Organize and set apart all items to be carried with you, e.g. keys, documents, tickets, certificates, cash, clothes, jewelry, traveler’s checks, etc
Reserve parking space for the moving truck. Kindly arrange with neighbors for sufficient space for the removal of your items
Try to leave objects in their proper place in order to help the packing/moving team

Try not to cook meals on moving day.
During the moving process, try to relax and let Teamwork do the service. If you are unable to be present, name a trusted person to monitor the service
Be available in case the packers have any doubts
Check bedrooms, closets and walls to be that nothing was left behind
Remember to review, sign and take with yourself a copy of your household goods
Utilities should be turned off and the utility providers should be notified about your departure day. You may need a professional to disconnect gas lines on certain appliances
Remember that Teamwork employees are not specialized in installing/removing any type of equipment