Teamwork Mudanças Internacionais and its subsidiaries located in Brazil are committed to fighting bribery and all types of corruption, and comply with the Protection of Private Data and Confidential Information from our Clients, Corporations, Worldwide Agents Suppliers and Authorities, according to the Brazilian legislation. Teamwork Mudanças Internacionais has based its principles on and adopted these Laws to comply with FIDI and our ABC Chapter Agreement, including policies, procedures, controls, and training programmes approved by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development) to combat corrupt practices.

In order to achieve our goals, we need to extend our ABC Agreement and Procedures to all our Employees, Staff, Clients, Corporate Accounts, Worldwide Agents, Customs Brokers and all related third-party service providers in our Supply Chain, who must strictly comply with our ABC Agreement and Procedures.

Consequently, we urge you to read this Chapter carefully and sign at the bottom of this Document/Agreement as long as you are committed with Teamwork Mudanças Internacionais and its Subsidiaries to fight against Bribery, Corruption, and to Protect the Private Data Information, which is provided for the sole purpose of managing the Logistic process to Import or Export our shipments to/from your country.

By signing this agreement, the following acts and activities are totally prohibited: (Code of conduct)

  1. To promote and undertake any corrupt practice.
  2. To accept bribes.
  3. To offer, promise or give bribes.
  4. To offer, promise or give bribes to Public Officials and Private Staff.
  5. To engage in bribery or corrupt activities to obtain a wrongful gain in business to our Company or to oneself.
  6. To engage in Corruption and Bribery Practices either directly or indirectly, using third-party individuals, external agents, counselors, etc.
  7. To provide erroneous information, accounting data, confidential information, or to hide important knowledge or facts to gain benefits in commercial transactions.
  8. To accept gifts, entertainment and travel expenses in any way or form to assist the company in obtaining or retaining business or to gain personal benefits.
  9. To offer, promise or give bribery in form of Payments (facilitation payments) to speed up the regular processing of documents, tenders, order assignations, prizes, etc.. (Under the Anti-Bribery U.K. Law, only in very special circumstances, is the defense of facilitation payments likely to apply).
  10. To provide, distribute, spread, share, and give Confidential and Personal Data which have not been previously authorized by Teamwork Mudanças Internacionais or by our client in writing.
  11. To use, provide, distribute, spread, share, and give Confidential Information of Teamwork Mudanças Internacionais without authorization in writing and for personal benefit.


I confirm that I have read and understood the Teamwork Mudanças Internacionais Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption, and Private Data Protection Charter, and its Code of Conduct.

I accept and agree to abide by this Charter and the Code of Conduct, which is included on the front of this Agreement.

I understand and accept that non-compliance with this Charter signifies non-compliance with Teamwork Mudanças Internacionais, its subsidiaries, and FAIM Standards, and we may be held responsible for all Legal Actions, Trials and Expenses derived from any breach of the terms of this agreement, and consequently, be excluded from the list of Teamwork Mudanças Internacionais reliable agents and suppliers



General information

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) is for us from Teamwork Mudanças Internacionais to improve quality in order to fully meet our clients’ and transferees’ needs and expectations. In this SLA we will specify to a certain extent what we expect from our service partners in the different areas of the move process: Pre-Move Survey; Origin Service; Transport; Destination Service; Storage; Invoicing; and Insurance & Claims.

All partners of Teamwork Mudanças Internacionais should comply with the standards described in this SLA.
Furthermore, you should ensure that your staff and service providers know about this SLA and get acquainted with its content. The standard described in this SLA concerns all people involved in the move process.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is what every service provider strives for; thus it is very important to us and should also be very important to you as you will be representing us in your country/city.

In order to have an idea of the customer satisfaction level, Teamwork will do a survey which is the only evaluation to be completed by our clients and transferees. Its results will be shared with you as we feel it to be appropriate.

Quality Standards

You should have a quality standard that is equal to or higher than that proposed by FIDI FAIM.

We require that you have a professional standard of service and only designate trained, competent and professional personnel.

Data Protection

You are required to comply with all relevant international and local data protection and data security laws and legislations.

The information that you keep on our clients is to be treated with utmost confidentiality and only be provided to third parties with our consent in writing.

All information provided by Teamwork is only to be used for the purpose of fulfilling your obligations under this agreement.

You will need to ensure that appropriate antivirus programs are installed to guarantee protection against computer viruses.

We require that you safeguard all confidential information and that you strictly control access to it.

We require that you use appropriate measures to guarantee that there is no virtual sharing of confidential information as well as exposure to uncontrolled networks.

We expect you to have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place and all data to be backed up and secured.
We expect you to safely destroy the information provided by our clients and transferees at the due time, respecting local and international laws, and under our consent.

You fully understand that if there should be any violation of relevant data privacy laws by your company, you may be subject to both civil and criminal liabilities from either the injured party or a governmental agency where the violation occurred. Should there be any legal action taken against Teamwork based on such violations by your company, your organization unconditionally agrees to indemnify and hold Teamwork harmless.

Legal requirements

We expect you to meet local legal requirements and operate a licensed company.
In accordance with your local laws, you agree to maintain all necessary insurance coverage and limits, including: General and public liability coverage, warehouse insurance, etc.

We request that your company operates all vehicles and equipment in accordance with local requirements, safety laws, and driving specifications.

We require that you meet local Health and Safety standards.


You must abide by our anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies, which consider a serious offence to offer, give, or promise anything of value to a government official in the expectation of a reward in the future, or to persuade them to perform their duties in disagreement with the law.

You will not accept any gifts, payments or any other type of advantage in relation to a job performed on behalf of Teamwork.


We Teamwork Mudanças Internacionais are an environmentally responsible company and encourage you to do the same.
We expect you to respect all local environmental legislations.

You should have defined environmental objectives.

We expect you to acquire and use recycled products whenever possible and whenever quality is not compromised, and purchase resources from sustainable sources whenever possible.

Non – Compliance

SLA non-conformance will be communicated to you accordingly and may result, if not improved, in less or possibly no future work assigned to you.


Pre – Move Survey

General communication

Teamwork will inform you in writing about a pre-move survey request.

We require that you confirm receipt of such a request in writing within one (1) business day.

Upon confirmation, you will perform a survey at the residence of the client. Should a physical inspection not be possible, Teamwork should be notified immediately, and as soon as possible we will inform you about an alternate procedure.

We expect that you will conduct the survey carefully and that the survey results will be accurate within a margin of 10% of the actual packing/loading weight and volume. Should the actual packing/loading weight and volume be outside the surveyed volume by over 10%, we will need an explanation in writing and a list of the items that were not surveyed during the first inspection.

You are required to do the pre-move survey free of charge, and no invoice should be sent either to the transferee or to Teamwork except upon prior agreement (due to additional costs).

It is important to note that all survey results must be treated as confidential and are only to be submitted to Teamwork.

Preparing for the Survey

As our partner, you agree to contact the transferee to make an appointment and to introduce yourself as a Teamwork service partner within one (1) business day after receiving the survey request.

You will need to confirm the date and time for the survey to us once it has been set. Should there be any changes made to the date and time of the survey, you should let us know as soon as possible.

We request that the pre-move survey is performed by trained and capable personnel with the appropriate language skills.

We require that you follow our survey instructions and that the surveyor be informed about specific instructions as well as about items prohibited from shipping to Brazil.

The survey

We will need you to assist and advise the transferee about all relevant import or export customs regulations for his/her move.

We will need you to take pictures, with the consent of the client, of items that need crating, special packing, assembly or are especially important to the client.

There are two topics that should not be discussed with the client:

  1. Insurance coverage. Please refer all concerns of the client regarding insurance coverage to Teamwork.
  2. Transit times. Please don’t give any confirmation regarding transit times to the client, but let us know about his/her concerns.
  3. Rates and Pricing

Survey results

We request that upon completion of the pre-move survey you send us the survey results within one (1) business day, and then send us the quote with your rates one (1) day after that.

Your pre-move survey results should include:

  1. Packing and loading dates
  2. Time required for packing and loading
  3. Survey sheets for each transportation mode; i.e. Sea (LCL, FCL), Air, Local move, and permanent storage
  4. Estimated weight
  5. Estimated net and gross volume
  6. Estimated density
  7. List of items that need crating with a reference to their location (room) in the residence.
  8. Information about any health and safety issues that are not regarded as standard and which could be cause for concern/problem at origin and destination; heavy items; toxic items; bulky items, etc..
  9. The rates for your origin service
  10. Any additional third-party services or charges that may be required in destination; handy man, etc.
  11. Transit time


Origin Service

General Communication

The booking of each move will be confirmed by Teamwork and we will inform which types of packing materials are to be used.

We will need confirmation of receipt of order within one (1) business day.

We require that you contact the transferee within one (1) business day after booking has been confirmed and set up packing and loading dates and confirm those with us. Should there be any changes you will let us know as soon as possible.

We require that you make sure that all the items surveyed will stay the same and that if there are any changes Teamwork will be informed immediately.

It will be necessary that you check for prohibited items according to prior information and make sure that such items will not be be packed.

Should it be required or necessary, you will arrange pre-delivery of packing materials after approval by Teamwork.

Again, please do not discuss transit times with the transferee unless Teamwork authorizes you to do so.

We require that you confirm the crew’s schedule with the transferee; arrival and departure times and the finish date of packing and loading.

Every export document has to be obtained from the transferee and you will get in contact with Teamwork should there be any problems.

Should the inclusion of additional items be the cause for an increase in cost or change in shipping mode, you will need to inform Teamwork immediately so that we can resolve the issue with the transferee.

In the case of a change in costs or shipping method, you will need to hold all the shipment in your warehouse until you get the OK from Teamwork after the issue has been discussed with the transferee or account.

Should there be a need to make any modification to the shipment, to remove or add any items, repack, etc., this should be communicated to Teamwork before such an action is taken. Any resulting costs will be invoiced according to Teamwork’s instructions.


Crew members working in the residence of the transferee should be known to and properly vetted by you.
All crew members must arrive in uniform at the transferees’ residence.

We request that the crew leader introduce himself and the crew to the client and make sure that he is available to the transferee at all times during the move.

Preferably, the packing and loading crew should stay the same throughout the entire move.

Your packing and loading crew must be trained in international packing standards and be aware of health and safety issues.

At least one of the members of the crew should be able to communicate with the transferee in English or in his native language.

You are requested to ensure that the crew leader, accompanied by the transferee, conducts a walk thru the residence prior to the start of the move and establishes a property damage report.


In order for the crew to be fully informed about the items to be packed, a copy of the survey sheet should be handed out to them.

The crew should arrive within 15 minutes of the agreed time. Should there be any delays, the transferee has to be informed. You are requested to make sure that arrival times of crew and containers are documented on the packing paperwork.

In order to limit the possibility of damage to the transferee’s property we request that you protect fragile surfaces such as marble and wooden floors, carpets, staircases where possible and necessary. Should the transferee not want any kind of protection to his property, this has to be noted on the property damage report.

The packing, loading and securing of the shipment must comply with FIDI FAIM standards.

We need you to provide a list of all disassembled items accompanied with some kind of instruction (photo, drawing) of how to put them back together if necessary. Please only use new packing materials for overseas shipments.

If there should be a need for any crating, only solid wood packing materials are to be used in order to meet the international phytosanitary standard for regulated wood packing material ISPM 15.

Any additional items that have been included in the shipment must be reported to the transferee and Teamwork.

No “Packed By Owner” boxes are to be allowed in the shipment. Should there be any pre-packed boxes, they necessarily have to be opened and the contents documented clearly on the box and the packing list. The crew must make sure that there are no restricted items packed inside them.

You will need to ensure that the crew use a parts/screw box for all bolts, keys, remote controls, screws etc. and that these are clearly marked and can be traced back to the respective item.

All equipment and vehicles used during the move must meet local safety standards.

Please make sure that you regularly contact the crew leader to check if everything is going as planned, and the transferee to be sure that everything is to satisfaction.


We require that you provide descriptive inventory lists for all moves.

The parts/screw box must be the first item on the inventory.

Each packed item must have a unique inventory number, its location (room) in the residence, and the transferee’s name. Preferably, the markings should include origin and destination city.

The stickers or markings should be easily visible and unlikely to come off by accident.

Each electrical/electronic appliance needs to be listed individually on the inventory with brand, model, and serial number specified.

Furniture items must be listed understandably including a note of their condition. The descriptions in the inventory list should be precise and should not include “Packed By Owner” (PBO), Carton, or Miscellaneous.

You should create an inventory list for each shipment. Should one shipment include several shipping methods (e.g. Air plus FCL), you will need to provide a bingo sheet or separate inventory for the items in that shipment for each shipping method.

All inventory should be written in English and in a clear and legible manner. If necessary you can add to the original inventory a typed copy.

The inventory should be dated and signed by the transferee and the crew leader.

We request that you send a copy of the inventory and all other documents within two (2) business days after packing has been completed.


All vehicles must be prepared for shipment as recommended by the manufacturer.

Except for factory equipment, nothing should be stored in the vehicle. The vehicle should be stored in the secure warehouse premises prior to shipment.

Without a signed condition report and a complete list of all accessories, the vehicle is not to be shipped.


The parts/screw box must be clearly labeled as such and loaded as the last item into the container to ensure that it will be the first item off.

All FCL shipments should be loaded at the residence where possible and sealed in the presence of the transferee. Small shipments such as LCL and AIR can be crated at your warehouse.

You must ensure that all containers and vehicles meet the requirements for loading. You must make sure that there are no damages to the container and that it meets all standards.

Please use only high security seals.

The container has to be properly loaded according to international standards. Bulkheads must be used when necessary. Shipments that are not securely loaded are subject to non-payment.

If possible we would appreciate a photo of the loaded container before the doors are closed.

After the loading has been completed we need:

  1. The actual weight, volume and number of pieces
  2. The container and seal number
  3. Air transport, Road transport, Maritime transport information

Shipment weighing

For air shipments we need you to bring a scale to the residence of the transferee to ensure compliance with weight limitations

All shipment volume should not exceed the limits outlined in the move authorization.



General Communication

Teamwork reserves the right to book all freight directly, but still you must provide rates and transit times.

Regardless of who books the freight we need your origin rates to remain the same.

All FCL shipment should be booked directly with the carrier to avoid NVOCC charges. Consolidation is only allowed if approved by Teamwork.

Freight routings should be chosen in accordance with the transferee’s needs and Teamwork’s instructions.

You are requested to ascertain that all customs procedures are managed timely.

Should there be any delays or changes in the transport schedule, Teamwork is to be informed immediately.

You must comply with SOLAS regulations issued by the international maritime organization. You are responsible for providing Teamwork with the verified mass certificate.

Road transport

The used vehicle are requested to comply with all local applicable laws and regulations for vehicle maintenance and safety.

The vehicle must be suited for moving household goods. For local blanket wrap moves, an appropriate number of blankets needs to be provided.

The vehicles used for the move should be secured with a lock while in transit.

All local transport related laws and working regulations are required to be respected.

We require that you send all documentation within one (1) business day to Teamwork.

Loading and Unloading

You are required to provide an experienced loader to do the loading and unloading.

One person has to be responsible for checking that all the items on the inventory list are loaded/unloaded.

Sea freight

All documentation is to be sent to Teamwork three (3) days prior to the actual departure date of the shipping.

All liftvans are requested to be suitably strong and in condition, and meet ISPM 15 standard.

Bulkheads are required to be used in loose loaded shipments.

Groupage shipments are required to be clearly separated.


All air cases are required to meet the ISPM 15 standard and be compliant with the acceptable airline dimensions.

All documentation is to be sent to Teamwork one (1) day prior to the actual departure date of the shipping.


Destination Services

General communication

In order to provide a full destination service Teamwork will provide you with all the necessary information and documentation.

Customs clearance and delivery

You are required to provide an expected customs clearance date. Should it not be possible, you will inform Teamwork about the new date within one (1) business day.

Should there be any extraordinary customs Inspection, you need to inform Teamwork immediately and provide a list with expected additional charges and an estimated time frame of the inspection. The extra charges will be invoiced as per Teamwork’s instructions.

Teamwork Is to be informed about the agreed delivery date at the latest one (1) business day before delivery.


Crew members working in the residence of the transferee should be known to and properly vetted by you.

All crew members must arrive in uniform at the transferee’s residence.

We request that the crew leader should introduce himself and the crew to the client and make sure that he is available to the transferee at all times during the move.

Preferably, the packing and loading crew should stay the same throughout the entire move.

Your packing and loading crew must be trained in international packing standards and aware of health and safety issues.

At least one of the members of the crew should be able to communicate with the transferee in English or in his native language.

You are requested to ensure that the crew leader, accompanied by the transferee, conducts a walk thru the residence prior to the start of the move and establishes a property damage report.


You are required to ask Teamwork permission before opening any container/seal/case, unless otherwise requested by the transferee or government authorities. Preferably, take a photo of the intact seal before breaking it and send that photo to Teamwork within two (2) business days.

After opening the container/crate you must document (by means of photos) the intact load inside of the container/crate. Again, Teamwork should receive these photos within two (2) business days.

You are requested to ascertain that the volume mentioned in the paperwork is the same as that in the container/crate. Should there be any discrepancies, you need to inform Teamwork immediately.

During the unloading, you are requested to check off every item on the inventory list and to report any missing, damaged, or unlisted item. The report should be sent to Teamwork within two (2) business days.

Should you receive a vehicle, we require that you complete the vehicle condition report including a list of accessories. This report should be signed by the transferee and foreman.

Delivery to residence

The crew should arrive within 15 minutes of the agreed time. Should there be any delays, the transferee has to be informed. You are requested to make sure that arrival times of crew and containers are documented on the packing paperwork.

In order to limit the possibility of damage to the transferee’s property we request that you protect fragile surfaces such as marble and wooden floors, carpets and staircases where possible and necessary. Should the transferee not want any kind of protection to his property, this should be noted on the property damage report.

In order to limit delays in returning the container to port, and if the container is to be unloaded at the residence, the crew should focus first on unloading the entire container before starting to unpack and place items.

During the unloading the crew will check off every item on the inventory list and report any missing, damaged, or unlisted items. This report must be sent to Teamwork within two (2) business days. We request that the crew should not make any negative comments about the condition of the shipment.

We request that you make sure that the crew carries all items in the original wrapping into the house if possible.

We request that all items be positioned in the designated room, unless otherwise advised by the transferee. Although repositioning of items is not included in the service provided, the crew is asked to honor reasonable requests.

We require that, after the container has been fully unloaded, the crew should show the transferee the unloaded container.

We request that, when all the furniture items are unwrapped, the crew should note whether there are any new damages in reference to the inventory list, and show them to the transferee.

Unless otherwise instructed, all cartons should be unpacked and items placed on open surfaces.

All furniture that has been disassembled by the origin crew has to be reassembled, providing all screws, keys, and instructions are available.

We require that all packing/packaging material be removed from the property when leaving.

We request that after the service has been completed, the crew leader should do a full inspection of the house with the transferee and make sure that everything is in order.

All documents relevant to the delivery are to be verified by the crew and signed by the transferee.

The documents have to be returned to Teamwork within two (2) business days.

FCL, LCL & Air shipment

During the pick-up of container, lift or air vans, the foreman should make sure that the container/van number is correct, and that the dimensions and numbering are equal to those indicated in the shipping documents. Should there be any discrepancies, Teamwork has to be informed immediately.

Containers of FCL shipments have to be returned in good and clean condition, and without any delay.



General communication

Storage includes all types of storage: long-term storage; short-term storage; permanent storage; and vehicle storage.

Teamwork requires that all storage requests be authorized by Teamwork. Storage shipments are only to be released or accessed upon request or authorization by Teamwork.

Should you choose to store a shipment without prior confirmation by Teamwork, this may result in non-payment of the charges.

Any additional service at origin or destination needs written approval by Teamwork prior to the start of the service.

Invoice Documentation

Your initial storage invoice must include the following documents:

  1. Inventory List signed by the transferee and crew leader
  2. Condition Report (vehicle) signed by the transferee and crew leader
  3. Weight certificate
  4. Address of the warehouse facility
  5. Loading charts/Bingo sheets for multiple storage containers or locations

Your final storage invoice needs to include the following documents:

  1. Delivery order signed by the transferee and crew leader
  2. Inventory List signed by the transferee and crew leader
  3. Condition Report (vehicle) signed by the transferee and crew leader


Teamwork will provide insurance to the transferee or account if requested. We require that you maintain adequate insurance to cover your minimum legal requirements. Policies should be available upon request.

Storage Facility

We require that your warehouse be dry, secure, temperature-controlled (if possible), free of rodents and other pests.

The security of your storage facility should be monitored 24/7, and access should be controlled.

All fire precautions should be taken in accordance with local laws, and fire safety equipment should be in place and regularly tested.

Should you decide to change the storage facility, you will need approval by Teamwork.

Packing for storage

“Packed by Owner” (PBO) items should not be accepted into storage.

Long-term storage shipments are to be fully export packed, unless otherwise instructed or approved by Teamwork.

If possible storage containers should be loaded at the transferee’s residence.

Destination service

For the delivery out of storage, destination SLA applies.

If possible storage containers should be unloaded at the transferees’ residence.


All vehicles must be prepared for storage as recommended by the manufacturer.

Except for factory equipment, nothing else is supposed to be stored in the vehicle. The vehicle should be stored in a secure warehouse.

We require that the vehicle not be stored without a signed condition report and a complete list of all accessories.



General Communication

Final charges must be invoiced to Teamwork within five (5) business days after the service has been completed. Any charges invoiced later than this stipulated period will not be accepted. All final charges must be confirmed within two (2) business days in order to be accepted by Teamwork.

In order for the invoices to be accepted, they must include Teamwork reference number, name of transferee, name and description of the service provided and the billing instruction provided by Teamwork.

All invoices must be issued in the same currency as that of the original quotation.

In order to make the invoicing process easier and more transparent, each shipment and service needs to be invoiced separately.

Should your services have included a third-party service, the concerning invoice should be backed up by the supporting documentation.

All invoices should be invoiced to Teamwork except upon prior authorization.

Storage invoicing

Your permanent storage fees must remain unchanged for the first two years after the arrival of the shipment. Any changes in prices after that need to be communicated to Teamwork ninety (90) days prior to the change and are subject to approval.

Any changes to volume and weight of the shipment must be communicated to Teamwork immediately and need approval.

All permanent storage invoices must be invoiced to Teamwork except upon prior authorization. Should you be instructed to invoice directly to the transferee or account, Teamwork needs to be sent a copy of the invoicing terms.

Vehicle Invoicing

Vehicles need to be invoiced on a lump sum basis, and may not be included in the household goods invoice.

Payment terms

Where no credit terms have been agreed upon, cash terms apply for the payment of our services.


Insurance and Claims

General Communication

We require that exceptions be noted in detailed inventory and be signed by the transferee and the crew at both origin and destination.

We require that any missing or damaged item be informed to Teamwork within one (1) business day, and a note be added to the Inventory, which needs to be signed by the transferee.

Should repairs be necessary, an estimate of the costs must be provided by a local repair firm in a timely manner. Any repair work must be approved by Teamwork.

Should you discover any major damage to the shipment prior to or at the time of delivery, Teamwork needs to be contacted immediately. Teamwork will then advise on how to proceed.

At both, origin and destination, a property damage report has to be completed and signed by the transferee. If there are no damages, the report still needs to be completed by saying “no damages” and be signed by the transferee and crew leader.

After the service has been completed at the residence of the transferee, a second inspection should be made and if there are any new damages, they have to be noted in the report.

Teamwork needs to be informed immediately about any damages caused during the move. This notification should be supported by a detailed list and photos.

Statement of compliance:

By signing this SLA, you agree to meet the requirements of this agreement and ensure that its content will be communicated to your staff and service providers.

I certify that I have read and understood Teamwork Mudanças Internacionais’ Service Level Agreement in full, and that I have read the anti-bribery, anti-corruption and privacy policies.


Scope of Application:

This document describes the policies regarding the protection of personal information and data, related to the services provided and handled by Teamwork Mudanças Internacionais.

Teamwork is committed to protecting the truthfulness, confidentiality, transparency, integrity and security of the personal information which our existing or potential clients give to us. Our privacy policy includes norms and procedures concerning the use and the disclosure of information on our clients and includes all procedures about the collection, storing, using, circulating or deleting of the personal data of our clients.

This Information Protection policy is part of the overall security and privacy effort of our company. Other policies and controls may also apply, as issued by the Human Resources and Security teams. These are available in the employee handbook, on the company’s intranet site or upon request. Any changes to these policies are communicated as soon as possible to all employees and service partners.

Penalties for violating these policies may include disciplinary actions up to termination of employment, or termination of the business relationship with our company.

Our company relies upon employees and business partners to properly develop, maintain, and operate our systems, networks, and processes which keep our sensitive information safe and properly used. This means that every person and organization handling our information has the responsibility to keep the information safe, no matter where the information is located. This includes computing systems, networks, paper copies, business processes, and verbal transmission of information.

  1. Data protection:
    In order to comply with the international regulations, Teamwork must inform its clients that it will not share personal information with third parties if this should not be necessary to ensure the correct fulfilling of its obligations to its clients or to comply with the local and international laws and regulations. Furthermore, Teamwork must inform its clients that there are policies in place to ensure the protection of the clients’ personal data and information.
  2. Personal information:
    Personal information is defined as information that is not publicly available and cannot be acquired without any reservations.
  3. Personal data:
    Personal data is any data that is related or can be connected to one or several determined or determinable persons. Personal data are but not exclusively: life and health insurance, ID number, telephone number, directions, financial information or health information.
  4. Collection of personal information and data:
    The personal information or data may be collected through online forms, move surveys, phone calls, emails, social networks, or any form of communication that includes the collection of information with the explicit or deduced consent of the client.
  5. Clean desk policy:
    Documents which contain personal information of clients are only to be on the desk when they are actively worked on. When the employee has finished working on them, or leaves his desk, the documents must be stored in key-locked file cabinets. In case another person comes over to the desk while the employee is working on documents containing personal data and information, those documents must be turned sideways or the folder closed.
  6. Locked screen policy:
    When the employee working on personal data of a client leaves his desk or leaves work, he must press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and choose between the options lock screen or power off. In all cases, the screen has to lock automatically after five (5) minutes without any activity.
  7. Declaration of privacy at the bottom of e-mails:
    All e-mails sent by Teamwork employees must include an automatic footnote which states that any information included in the e-mail contains privileged and confidential information. (Even if the e-mail does not contain such information, the note should be included as a contingency.)
  8. Limited access to intermediaries:
    All intermediaries linked to Teamwork have to sign a confidentiality agreement that prohibits them from disclosing any personal information onTeamwork’s clients. The intermediaries will have complete access to this document and must comply fully at all times.
  9. Disclosure of information:
    Use of personal data for marketing purposes is strictly prohibited, except in the case of direct marketing to the client or company’s promotional events for clients.
  10. Procedure to ask for the change, actualization or elimination of personal information:
    Every person has the right to ask for rectification, update, or elimination of his/her personal data.
    Clients can:
    • Verify the information that Teamwork holds on them for free at the local offices in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo,
    • Request the information via telephone, or in writing.
    • In both cases prior verification of the identification of the applicant is required
    Request by telephone:
    • Request to view personal data will only be granted after verification and validation of the identity of the applicant. The identity of the client, intermediary, or service provider will be checked by the use of a series of knowledge questions to verify identity.
    Request in writing:
    • The request to view the personal information will be processed as soon as received a) directly in the offices of Teamwork or b) from the e-mail account registered under the client’s name or his/her representative. Once the request is received, Teamwork will reply within five (5) days. Should the requested information be incomplete, the applicant must notify Teamwork within five (5) working days and request the correction of the error. Should Teamwork need any additional information from the applicant, this must be provided within two (2) days of the request. If the applicant does not provide the information, the process will be regarded as completed.

    The following persons can exercise the right to modify personal data and information:
    a) The client; the service provider; or the intermediate. Each one acting in his own name.
    b) An authorized representative.

    Teamwork needs to have a file on the authorized representatives signed by the client, provider, employee or intermediary, which will be used to verify accuracy of data before handing out any other piece of information.

    c) Requests of minors will not be accepted. In this particular case, one of the parents must hand in the request. In order to verify the identity of the parent, he/she must provide their ID card and the birth certificate of the minor. Both documents must be sent to Teamwork by the applicant (parent). The verification of the birth certificate will help to verify if one or both parents have parental authority and who holds the right to make the request.

    In case that we notice that both parents hand in divergent requests, and both have parental authority, they will be asked to present a joint petition on which a judge will decide on how to proceed with the request.

  11. The procedure in case of a potential leakage of personal data or information:
    For the purpose of this document, we consider leakage of personal data or information any incident that involves acquiring, using, or revealing personal information or data, without any prior authorization, and which jeopardizes the security, integrity, and confidentiality of information, and thus creates a risk for the client.
    For example:
    • An employee who accesses the personal information of a client outside of the limits of his work.
    • The loss or theft of a work computer that contains unencrypted personal information of a client.
    • Personal information of a client sent to the wrong address, fax or e-mail because of an error.
    Any potential leakage of information needs to be reported to management within a maximum of two (2) days after the discovery of the leakage. If the leakage was the result of the loss or theft of a computer, the IT department needs to be informed as well.
  12. Protection of virtual data
    Teamwork is committed to keeping its antivirus programs up to date and installed in all company devices. Furthermore, Teamwork guarantees to carry out regular backups of the information stored on its servers.
  13. Data destruction
    Teamwork will keep documents stored for the duration required by laws and regulations. After the expiration of the mandatory storage period, Teamwork will dispose of the files as required by law.
  14. Training of personnel
    Teamwork will hold training sessions to its personnel at least once a year with regard to the content of this document in order to ensure the security, confidentiality, truthfulness, and integrity of its clients’ personal data and information. Every training session will be documented and include a list of participants and topics discussed.
  15. Notice of privacy
    In order to provide a better quality service, Teamwork will notify this policy to all employees, suppliers, and customers.
    • Customers will be informed about this policy by a notice sent them attached to an offer letter.
    • Employees will be informed by the HR department.
    • Suppliers will be sent a copy by fax, email or mail.
  16. Updates of the policy
    The policy will be updated when necessary and without prior notice. Clients, suppliers, and employees will be notified in writing.
  17. The inclusion of data protection clauses in work or professional contract:
    The work or professional contracts of all employees working for Teamwork must include the obligations to comply with these policies and the responsibility for implementing them.

Leading The Fight against Corruption

FIDI is determined to lead the relocation industry by taking a clear stand against bribery and corruption. By doing so, FIDI will protect the best interests of the industry, the Affiliates and their customers.


Membership in FIDI is highly valued by its Affiliates, and to ensure that value continues, all FIDI Affiliates pledge to abide by the highest ethical standards.

This Charter is a declaration of commitment. It will strengthen the FIDI organization, the FAIM programme, and all Affiliates by making it clear what distinguishes FIDI Affiliates from non-FIDI companies.

All FIDI Affiliates agree to sign and be guided by the Charter’s provisions. The Charter covers their employees (whether permanent, fixed-term or temporary) and any associated third parties providing services to or on behalf of the FIDI Affiliates.

The Charter will be integrated into FAIM. The procedural and audit requirements will form part of the FAIM Implementation Manual and the Pre-Audit assessment.

What Is Bribery?

Bribery is the offering, promising, giving, accepting or soliciting of an advantage as an inducement for action. It is illegal, and it is a breach of trust.

A bribe is an inducement or reward offered, promised or provided in order to gain a commercial, contractual, regulatory or personal advantage.

FIDI Will Not Tolerate Bribery

Corruption, bribery or attempted bribery is unacceptable. This applies whether offering a bribe, or accepting a bribe. It is against FIDI’s core values of conducting business to the highest legal, moral and ethical standards.

Bribery and corruption are covered by various international laws and statutes. These laws often require companies, including FIDI Affiliates, to have rigorous, pro-active measures in place to detect and prevent corrupt practices.


Charter Statement

Undertaking by all FIDI Affiliates with immediate effect

All FIDI Affiliates commit to legal and ethical behavior, and to refrain from doing anything that will harm the interests of FIDI, other affiliates, clients, or the industry. FIDI and its Affiliates will take steps to ensure they are fully informed of applicable regulations and will monitor their employees and business partners to ensure full and continual compliance.

Legal compliance

FIDI Affiliates will ensure that they are aware of all applicable laws countering bribery and corruption in all the jurisdictions in which they operate, and that they will obey and uphold those laws.

The laws that apply to particular international business activities include those of the countries in which the activities occur as well as others that – like the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act 2010 – govern the international operations of national companies and citizens in respect of their conduct both at home and abroad.

We, as a FIDI affiliated company, have to ensure that we are aware of, and are complying with applicable laws.

Ethical behavior.

As a demonstration of its commitment, FIDI and its Affiliates pledge to take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. At all times, FIDI and its Affiliates will act professionally, fairly and with the utmost integrity in all business dealings and relationships. This will apply wherever they operate.

Commitment to the values of FIDI

This Charter will be formally integrated into the FAIM quality standard.


Code of Conduct

By agreeing and committing to this Charter, each FIDI Affiliate undertakes to:

  1. Never engage in any form of bribery, either directly or through any third party.
  2. Never offer or make an improper payment, or authorize an improper payment (cash or otherwise) to any individual, including any local or foreign official anywhere in the world.
  3. Never attempt to induce an individual, or a local or foreign official to act illegally or improperly.
  4. Never offer, or accept, money or anything of value, such as gifts, kickbacks or commissions, in connection with the procurement of business or the award of a contract.
  5. Never offer or give any gift or token of hospitality to any public employee or government official or representative if there is any expectation or implication for a return favor
  6. Never accept any gift from any business partner if there is any suggestion that a return favor will be expected or implied.
  7. Never facilitate payments to obtain a level of service which one would not normally be entitled to.
  8. Never disregard or fail to report any indication of improper payments to the appropriate authorities.
  9. Never induce or assist another individual to break any applicable law or regulation.