Community Relationship


Community Relationship


Social and Environmental Responsibility

As part of its social and environmental responsibility policy, Teamwork aims to participate in the lives of the communities in which it operates. Equally important, it develops internal projects with employees and collaborators in order to promote environmentally friendly attitudes.


Jardim Iguaçu: social and environmental characterization and community diagnosis

Teamwork was one of the companies involved in a project that prepared the social & environmental characterization and community diagnosis of Jardim Iguaçu — located in the Bandeiras neighborhood, Osasco, São Paulo — where the company operates.
Field work and analysis results were performed by A.N.I. Consultoria, and main results can be accessed in this report.

Based on the results, the project aims to work together with Jardim Iguaçu’s dwellers to improve the neighborhood’s social and environmental conditions.



Teamwork keeps an internal recycling program in which packing and other discarded materials (from both the company’s core activities and offices) are sold, and the revenue reverted to the company’s employees.