How to Use WordPress Pingbacks And Trackbacks

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This post has many pingpacks, trackbacks and more.

There are a few ways to list them.

  • Above the comments
  • Below the comments
  • Included within the normal flow of comments

22 comentários em “How to Use WordPress Pingbacks And Trackbacks

          1. Agree with you Arpit. I am using this theme for two of my blogs. thanks Colorlib for this awesome theme.

  1. Hello Aigars,

    because I find the theme Sparkling very nice and elegant, I decided to use it for my own homepage.
    The only problem is, I am very new in this area, so I was hoping to get some help.
    The problem that I can not solve is that I want to add a slideshow in the header, direct under the menu.(Like in the Demo Home-Page of the theme.) Could you tell me how you implemented that design?

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon

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